Blades with egg sauce (Transcarpathian cuisine)

 sour cream

Blades clear of the face, cut into pieces 3-4 cm long, boiled in salted water until tender and recline in a colander. Hard Boiled eggs are cleaned, separated from the yolk protein. Protein is cut into small pieces and mixed with the blades. In hot butter margarine Passer flour until golden brown, slightly diluted broth from the blades, add sour cream, red pepper, a bit of broth and stir well until smooth. Prepared sauce poured on welded blade, sprinkle with grated egg yolk and a good warm up. Ready blades served hot. Application rate per serving: fresh green beans 165g green beans or canned 130 g, 1 pc egg, margarine 11 g, 44 g sour cream, flour 4 g, 3 g salt, ground red pepper sweet 1 g, 27 g of bone broth .

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