Feeds and feeding degus


Degu than to feed and what is forbidden.
Necessary to eliminate fatty, fried, spicy, salty, sweet, as various canned foods.
Should be given 2-3 times a week with a grain mixture of dried vegetables, hlebushek, crackers, beans. Should be included in the diet of vitamins, trace elements, it can be fresh vegetables and unsweetened fruit daily for 50 – 70 grams.
Hay, as well as vital fiber for digestion, provide daily fresh grass, dry nettle an excellent source of iron, add in powdered form in the grain feed or hay. Dried and fresh branches, including pine, birch, branches, other edible trees.
Mineral and vitamin supplements chalk, ground eggshells.
Degu food is not special problems, just have to control yourself to the joy not to overfeed the animal nuts or seeds. But you must remember that the main condition of longevity degus is a tough diet: the almost complete absence of sweets and fats. These sweets like cookies, roasted seeds and roasted nuts, should be completely removed. Food from your table should never be provided in a bowl degu.

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