Filling for meat pies


200-300 grams of meat, 100 g of liver, 1 tbsp. spoon oil, 1 egg, 100 grams of white bread, 2 onions, carrots, parsley, at the end of the knife salt and pepper. Cook the meat and liver with onions, carrots and parsley in a small amount of water. Grind it all together in a meat grinder with a loaf of bread, soaked in the broth in which the meat cooked, add the oil, egg, salt, pepper, all mixed together. * 250 grams of fried or boiled pork, 1 egg, 30 g fat, 2 onions, carrots, parsley, 1 boiled potato, salt and pepper to taste. Cook the meat with carrots, onions, parsley in a small amount of water. This, together with potatoes and onions prismazhenoyu grind in a meat grinder, add the egg, salt, pepper and stir.

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