Grimbergen Double-ambrée


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Grimbergen – Legendary beer Belgian beer now Sherlock’s Pub!


Grimbergen – Belgian abbey beer, brewed in the Abbey with the current resolution of the monks. This beer was first brewed in 1128 in the Monastery of St. Norbert in the town of Grimbergen (Belgium).


Throughout its long history, Grimbergen Abbey many times completely burned by fire, and then recovered. So on the label of beer appeared phoenix and motto «Ardet nec consumitur» – «Burned, but not destroyed.”


Over time image of a bird appeared and branded glasses. It should be noted that all of Grimbergen beer is still brewed according to the original recipes Abbey.





Grimbergen Blanche– Classic white beer, which has a golden color and creamy foam, sparkling bubbles and fruit aromas with a touch of citrus that make it fun and refreshing. Sophisticated fragrance of spices, bergamot, combining in this beer is a unique find Grimbergskogo Abbey.


Grimbergen Blonde– A light beer fermented different fruity flavor, malt aroma, created by the use of barley Gatinais, coupled with selected hops.


Grimbergen Double-ambrée– Dark burgundy fermented beer with sweet-bitter taste, is light caramel flavor. The aroma Grimbergen Double-ambrée felt pleasant notes of raisins and dried fruit.


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