How to change your voice and play friends


Jokes – is an art that requires imagination, ingenuity, and a positive attitude. Change of voice – one of the most popular and most effective ways to plan and implement a fun adventure for my friends.

Always nice to talk to someone who lives life to the fullest every day are discovering something new, share your discoveries with others and is able to make an unexpected, unusual things. Such traits peculiar to children, teenagers and many adults who managed to keep a piece of children's mischief and curiosity. And it was these people invented many ways and methods drawing their friends and relatives. Rally, for example, on April 1, a birthday or just because of some important event in my life – it's a small miracle, an opportunity to give a little holiday, positive emotions and pleasant memories.

The most popular scheme of the drawing – is a call on a cell phone when a performer, changing his voice beyond recognition, according to "sacrifice" any information. Failed to joke, you know well the nature and disposition interlocutor timed call to any particular event, not to cross the line between unusual, but still true, and unrealistic situation. During a call, you need to keep in constant tension is played out, so that he had no time to think, to understand what you said. End the conversation to positive emotions, which will remove the stress, will bring clarity to the situation and will remain a pleasant memory. The effectiveness of the drawing based on the contrasting emotions that are changing rapidly, ending climax. Topic of conversation is always individual, but we can only fulfill our plans in several ways.

The traditional way – to breathe air from the balloon inflated with helium. This method is the most common, as a joke know almost everything, and buy a ball can be in any store with their products.

Technical progress in our time is skyrocketing and touches every aspect of human activity. Online there are special devices that filter through my voice unrecognizable. The most common are the following characters:

  • male or female;
  • a child;
  • animal sounds;
  • characters from the cartoons;
  • robot;
  • negative characters – a cyborg monster.

With such a device change of voice in the phone can be done in any place, for example, at a party, at a party or at work. Despite the interesting features this equipment does have one major disadvantage – the inconvenience of use. Single instrument can always remember the house, accidentally broken, and before you start it should be set up and configure.

There are programs designed for calls from a mobile phone and a computer. In this case, pre-prepared text is recorded through a microphone and converted program. The finished record can be used as an automatic voice message, but then lose the ability to respond to changing emotions companion, and it therefore reduces the attractiveness of the program in jokes and surprises.

Recently, the market for mobile applications is a new program that is able to change the voice in real time. Golosomenyalku can install on any mobile device. User-friendly interface, a wide range of characters, ease of control hold great promise to create effective and memorable jokes. This method has won the greatest popularity among fans of fun surprises and jokes. You can use the program anywhere, without additional hardware and without any training or special skills. Another method is to change your voice – use a special mobile service ChangeYo! Voice. To do this, place a call to the number, where the voice menu and select the desired character is entered phone number.

With the development of Internet technology and mobile devices, an increasing number of different ways to organize the rally friends. Voice change, pseudo-viral jokes, tracking devices and eavesdropping, and more – is an effective tool for planning and implementation of a small miracle that you can give a loved one.

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