In the seventh heaven

 their parents

No wonder the pre-wedding chores called solid perepolohom.Nevesty live in anticipation of the main event in their lives, their parents – in a crazy counting money …

And no matter how grueling the fuss may seem, yet the majority of Ukrainian families begins with a wedding torzhestva.Vposledstvii of it resemble the photos in the album and drives svideofilmom. For the family, no doubt, this is priceless memories, but as they say almost all of our friends iznakomye without mistakes wedding day is complete.

Full satisfaction of the wedding or get lucky, or those with the greatest care and common sense to prepare each of its shag.No basically the care hurt by several factors.

First, euphoria, anticipation of the holiday, sweet emotion affect temperance not only brides, but also their parents in preparing necessarily something forgotten, for some reason not pridilitsya attention.

Secondly, the young couple is often not aware of the many services and activities that are offered to the wedding dnya.Tem more brides do not save on updates and do not give up in the midst of Gypsy feast or a chocolate fountain in the middle of the wedding table.

Thirdly, that they speak, and lovers believe that their wedding – the beginning of a luxury long and happy family despite zhizni.A spent a lot of money and nerves in the day they all want to be the highest nasedmom nebei feel joy.

Therefore not open to those thinking of something new, but it summed up the experience of many ex-boyfriend, we propose to get rid of the annoying pre-wedding bustle.

You will find:

-as much information about the wedding and from: wedding dress shops and craftsmen wedding hairstyles, make-up services and the rental of luxury cars, all the attributes and the actual wedding celebrations, professional video, photography, music, festivities and entertainment space;

-unmistakable addresses and phone numbers of agencies or entities that provide wedding services;

-photo and videozrazky weddings, jewelery catalogs;

-page of interesting facts about the history and symbolism of the wedding, as well as modern wedding fashion.


Besides, having become acquainted with the site, you yourself can express myself, write your love story, share expertise, training or wedding impressions of services provided to you, place your wedding photos, or to admit to feelings.

In short, the site – about the groom and nevest.Ved larger, festive, exciting and festive event in a person's life than a wedding, it is difficult and predstavit.I believe me, well to prepare for it – is just as important as not to be mistaken with a choice beloved half.

Look, look, evaluate, choose – and then the wedding actually takes you to a higher level Fortunately, Seventh Heaven!

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