IT-promoter (IT-preacher, IT-evangelist) – a specialist who is professionally engaged in the promotion of information-tehnologiy.IT advocates can work both formally and informally, on behalf of the companies or organizations, either as an independent or public sources of promotion, that is, on an individual basis, such as the dissemination of ideas of Free Software (Open Source). IT-propagandist promoting technologies and products by writing articles, blogging, seminars and webinars, demonstrations and presentations, negotiation. The word evangelist for one version of the name is borrowed from the religious vocabulary that used similar tools presentation and dissemination of information based on the ideology and the formation of community supporters. Software evangelist term was first used by Mike Murray of the subdivision Macintosh. [2] One of the first promoters of IT, which promotes the brand of the company at the cult was Mike Boycho (Apple Inc.). This activity requires both sales skills and knowledge of technology to promote products or services, and the ability to persuade a potential buyer or user, changing his views and make the transition from old to new standards. Marketing aspect of the role of IT-promoter described in the book by Geoffrey Moore's perception of the timing of technology.
Known IT proponents is Vint Cerf (Google), Jeff Barr (, Don Box (ActiveX), Guy Kawasaki, Alex St. John (DirectX) and Robert Scoble (in his previous role at Microsoft). In the world of free such indisputable authority are Mark Shuttleworth and Richard Stallman.
In November 2006, experts from Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo! created a professional organization called the Global Network of IT evangelists.

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