Jerky Jerk

Jerky Jerk

Jerky (English jerky) – pieces of meat, marinated, dried and cured. Note: of meat in bulk at low prices.

History Jerk

traditional dish of North American Indians, it is the word Jerk comes from Native American language: charqu i – jerky. Dried meat was one of the first human fundamentally important methods of preserving food for survival.

In Europe, Gerke became popular back in the campaigns of Napoleon.


Jerk – meat, traditionally cut into strips, devoid of the thick, pickled, and dried or smoked at low temperatures (usually below 70 C), and even in a simple salt and dried in the sun. Through such a process gets snacks salty, spicy and sweet flavor that is stored for a long time without refrigeration.

Produced in modern factories Jerk seasoning kilns equipped with heating elements and fans. The combination of fast moving air and the weak fire dries the meat to the desired humidity for several hours, and the exhaust ports in the ovens help remove moisture in the air. Dried meat from the queue to the proper level of moisture to prevent spoilage; Jerk ready packed in plastic bags.


Jerk extremely popular snack in the U.S. and Western Europe. Since 1996, elected Jerk food for astronauts NASA due to its light weight and high levels of calories. Jerk is used as a standalone product or as a snack with beer.

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