Working in the office you do not like, you are a creative person and you want to open your business? Then private carpentry can be a great business plan.
The financial crisis, as a rule, give way, first of all, intermediaries, and the manufacturer, even a little, is always able to survive, because his production is not big and does not imply multiple cuts.
Joiner is a master of his craft, so, first you open the carpentry shop to learn all the details of the profession as well as the usual set of knowledge is not enough. You can complete the courses, to work as an apprentice in the carpentry shop, it helps to know the specifics of the business from the inside.

The first step is to rent a studio, you also need to purchase the machine, materials and tools.
Joinery does not compete with the large woodworking enterprises, because your production is exclusive.
Initially, customers can find my friends, acquaintances and business leisurely choose a specialization, will you do the windows and doors or furniture, and maybe shelves and other interior stuff. Joiner trivia able to do even a woman, so you should not drive the joinery exclusively within the male case.
The first work can be sold on the market, to advertise the performance of carpentry work. Wood products are constantly in demand, they are reliable, and if you approach the work ingeniously, the exclusivity of your work will not be equal. You can decorate furniture, or make wood carving. Wood carving is complex, so we can find for this purpose laser machine with the expansion of business and the emergence of stable customers.
Joinery workshop will enable you to gain financial independence and creatively realized.
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