Key points of job search


Job search activity that requires some knowledge and preparation, effort and cost. The key to its success will be a proper planning, which, in turn, begins with the definition of the situation and the available resources.
Sometimes the situation is such that you do during your job search requires social assistance. You can get it at the Employment Center in your area, registered as a job seeker. If you are not from Moscow, then you need not concern work in Moscow, do not wait for jobs abroad. But trying to find not just a job, but a very good job, do not always need to grasp at first proposed option.
If you have cash, allowing easy search for jobs, define the search period. And do not forget that during this time you have to be consistent and to perform all the steps of search activity.
Take a sheet of paper, divide it into two parts, and selecting the time, list your options, answering the questions:
1) What would you like to do at work?
2) What am I good at doing?
3) What I can not do, but I have the desire to learn?
On the other side describe their wishes, placing them on the importance of Compliance place:
1) What is of paramount importance: the level of payment, specific work, responsibility, working hours, working staff, career opportunities, the location of the office.
2) What do I want to get right away from a new job? That I can achieve in the future?
3) What I will do for this?
Match your capabilities with desires. Consider job where your opportunities meet the requirements of the employer, and wishes coincide with those proposed by the employer.
However, sometimes a person is not able to give yourself an objective self-assessment to identify their strong places, their individual characteristics. In this case, it may be useful to the services of specialists in the field of career counseling. For example, you may qualify for speech therapy jobs in Moscow, having a proper education. Conversely, for all your desire to get an education, you need help with literacy specialist. Only he can analyze labor market trends and talk about its development, the demand for the profession, that in a few years the need for these specialists is not lost.
Intermediaries in the labor market will help to understand employers. Is there a good stable, progressive company, in which it would be really good.

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