Log houses

Log houses

If we have to ask, what used to be home in Russia? Then you may answer that they were of high quality, environmentally friendly, strong and durable. And it is true, because in the past people have built with quality materials. Today, people who value quality accommodation, try to build a house of quality materials. Log houses – an environmentally friendly home, which retains heat well.


Let’s us see what are the advantages of log houses.

First, log house turnkey quick and easy to erect. The walls of the house literally “grow” in a matter of a few days. Another advantage is that, for log houses do not need nails, cement and the like. Should only slightly warmed between the logs, for better insulation. Second, as we have said, log houses eco-friendly. After building a house you will not worry about their health, as these houses do not emit harmful substances into the environment.

Third, the walls of your home will serve you as a natural filter. The air that passes through the timber is cleaned and saturated with moisture, thus good for the organizm.V a house you do not need air conditioners and humidifiers, and you do not have to spend extra money to buy these goods.

In the fourth house and the tree retains heat well. Tree perfectly breathable but retains heat. Thus in the summer in the house will be cool in the winter warmth.

The conclusion is, if we want ourselves to build a ecological house, and that was a warm, must be built from a natural material that is made of wood.

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