Nizhnevartovsk most comfortable city Ugra. Apartments in Nizhnevartovsk.


In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District is the city of Nizhnevartovsk, superior administrative center and the largest population, and the industrial potential. Founded the city recently, in 1972, despite the fact that the first mention of it relate to 1909. The second life of the then village began after the discovery of Nizhnevartovsk Samotlor oil field. In 1965 he became grand Nizhnevartovsk Komsomol construction project: here from all over the country come to the youth. Attractions Nizhnevartovsk fully reflect the history of the city.

In 1978, Barrow Monument of Glory set Samotlor. This 12-meter-high bronze statue of a worker who in his left hand holds a torch with an eternal flame. The monument stands at the crossroads, one of which leads to the legendary Lake Samotlor, which the city owes its appearance. In people, this monument is affectionately called Alyosha. By the way, in Surgut also commemorate the pioneers: the square named after the 400th anniversary of Surgut, a monument to the founders of bronze figures of Prince and governor Boryatinskogo Anichkov. You will definitely have to visit this area, if you really had a chance to come and furnished apartments for rent in Surgut.

At the site of the first well is a monument Stela P-1 – is a steel column engraved with the names of the discoverers of the deposit. And at Station Square you will see the layout engine and a plaque in honor of the 30th anniversary of operating the railway Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk. The railroad played an invaluable role in the development of Samotlor: in 1975, the first freight train with 4,000 cargo arrived at the station Surgut.

However, the unofficial symbol of the city can be called Monument Nizhnevartovsk sports stars, opened in 2002. This is a huge ball, which highlighted the asterisks with the names of famous athletes who have made significant contributions to the sport. Monument traditionally attracts tourists and visitors to the city, rent apartments in Nizhnevartovsk, though has no relation to the field of oil.

By the way, shelter for a few days in Nizhnevartovsk be found in any part of the city, and for every budget. Choose: one-bedroom apartments with renovated apartments in Nizhnevartovsk, budget rooms and apartments for large companies. In any case, you will enjoy comfort, cleanliness and privacy.

The most comfortable city Ugra is proud of its Orthodox churches. Church of the Nativity was built in the late 90's of the last century on the donations of citizens. In 1991, the church was built on the site of the Ascension time wooden church. Removing the apartment in Nizhnevartovsk look for unusual sites, such as Monument Janitor (Lenin, 7). This bronze figure with a broom in his hand, sat down on a bench. Monument or F.Dzerzhinskomu (October 60, 28) is the northernmost monument to the outstanding security officers. Installed it, among other things, the personal funds to law enforcement agencies.

To get the full picture of the history of the region and the city, look at the Ethnographic Museum Complex im.T.Shuvaeva (Lenin, 9). Constant composition of the museum: The camp Reindeer, Man and Nature, Travel to Ancient Ugra and many other equally interesting. Come to Nizhnevartovsk, amazing city, appeared in complex natural conditions due to the will and power of man.


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