Stuffed pike (Transcarpathian cuisine)


Pike clear of the scales, the fins are cut, washed, skin incision around the head and carefully, so as not to tear, remove it in the direction of the tail. Spine nadlamyvaet the tail so that the tail fin was left with the skin. The flesh of fish separated from the bones, roll, soaked in milk, browned onion, mince the garlic, then put the egg yolks, softened margarine, salt, ground black pepper and mix well. Prepared meat densely fill pike skin, giving it the shape of the whole fish. The hole through which farshiruvalasya fish sewn. Prepared fish are placed in a container, pour in the broth made from the bones of the head, and cook over low heat for about an hour. At the end of cooking, add the broth bay leaf. Cooked fish are placed in a dish, cooled and served whole or cut into pieces and decorate with parsley or green salad. By stuffed pike sauce served separately-horseradish. Stuffed pike can be served with a side dish of boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. Application rate per serving: 198 g pike, white bread 17 g, 20 g of milk, onion 48 grams, 8 grams of table margarine, eggs, 1/2 pieces, garlic, 1 g, 2 g of salt, black pepper powder 0.02 g, bay Sheet 0.01 In addition, horseradish sauce, 75 g, 150 g garnish

Pool cleaning

Swimming in the pool, of course, is very beneficial, but only if it pure. And, even at first glance, clean water, in which there is no pollution, which the eye can see, is able to hide a greater threat to your health. Factor of this is the bacteria. The fact is that for many of them the water is the perfect breeding ground for. Dimensions are so small that the filter is clean not seem an obstacle for them. How frustrating when seemingly formed of pure water a bad odor. This is also the work of microbes. To swim in perfectly clean and clear water, it is important to systematically implement a unique cleaning the pool. In addition to mechanical cleaning of the pool's walls and bottom, water filtration, while cleaning the pool to use a special chemistry. Chemistry is used both for cleaning the pool, and for the prevention of pollution in the water. Cleansing pool chemistry comprises several stages:
Maintaining the desired degree of Ph water.
Introduction of funds for water disinfection (chlorine, bromine or oxygen)
Adding resources to the prevention and correction (to kill algae, turbidity, limescale and corrosion). This will help the water in your pool to stay clean for a long time.

Restaurants in Kiev, the best banquet hall Kiev

Kiev city-hero and the capital of Ukraine. He is the seventh
Population in the middle of cities in Europe, after the Paris, London, Moscow,


Petersburg, Madrid and Paris. On its location near two lives, 8
million people, of different nationalities. Each of which crave
create native society, fraternity, and of course also have their own state
restaurant or cafe with features state cuisine.
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Corn dumplings with fresh cheese (Transcarpathian cuisine)


In warm water, put salt, sugar, eggs, stir, add the sifted corn flour mixed with wheat flour and knead the dough. Having stood the test make it 25-30 minutes and then roll out a thickness of 1.5-2 mm, put on his balls minced fresh cheese and cover the edge of the test. The top layer of dough is pressed to the lower arms around each ball and cut dumplings metal groove. Prepared dumplings boiled in salted water in small batches. When the dumplings float to the surface. Choose them with a slotted spoon into a colander for draining water and shift to the pan with melted butter. Feeding on the table, pour sour cream dumplings. Application rate for one serving: 20 g corn flour, wheat flour, 40 g, 15 g of water, salt 3 grams, 2 grams of sugar, eggs, 1/4 pieces, fresh cheese 96 g, 10 g sugar, eggs, 1/5 pc., 5 g of butter, sour cream '30