Rosettes of cheese with a mass shprotnye


Rosettes of cheese with shprotnye mass 300 g of cheese, 200 g tea cheese bank sprat, 50 g butter, hard-boiled egg, mushrooms and cucumbers, cabbage leaves, green onions. For outlets buy oblong circular cheese and cut it round slices 1/2 inch thick. Sprats with oil mash with a fork and rub with a tea with cheese and butter. At each outlet Take two pieces of cheese and take them cooked weight. Spread the ground as the top, middle, place cucumber slice of fungus. Some sandwiches sprinkle chopped green onions, other excision egg. Serve on a round plate, strewn with leaves of cabbage.

Effective solution for decorating the interior room

Effective solution for decorating the interior room

Many believe that the interior decoration is very difficult. But decorators and designers argue that the big deal with that! Decorate the walls of the living room can be in many ways, depending on your space and your wishes. Global repair for do not necessarily, especially if you just want to freshen up the room decor. Here are some spectacular and simple solutions.
The walls can be decorated with posters or pictures. Sometimes, to transform the interior, quite a picture, but in some cases they will need a few pieces. You can hang pictures on one group or in different parts of the room. To organize art designers recommend choosing monochrome wall paintings in their background will look more harmonious. Tilted and slightly above eye level have large picture, and exactly at eye level and small specimens.
A selection of photos, or a collection of postcards can successfully replace the painting. Photos and postcards look great in the same framework, if you put them on the walls of little groups. Or make a collage and put them in one big frame.
Original features can be a mirror, although it is not a necessity in the living room. Only need to pick the right place for it. The light reflected by the mirror, should fall on the shaded part of the premises. Directly opposite the windows and doors have mirrors designers do not advise.
Beautiful and rich, especially in the living room will look door handles, made in the style of some of the past ages and made of precious material. Correctly matched door handles will always be evident to your guests and they will never remain unnoticed.
The shelves in the living room are the perfect solution decor. They can put a variety of gifts and decorative accessories. Shelves with lighting look particularly beautiful. With the backlight can be the most interesting exhibits of the collection to emphasize. In addition, by setting a few magazines and books for guests.
Independent of wall decoration will be spotlighting unusual and original fixtures. One atmosphere and mood with the lights on, and everything will change, if set. In addition, they can be used to illuminate the paintings and other decorative elements. And if you will choose well, then they can cope with both roles.
Nothing complicated, very simple. Try, experiment, to transform your living room, it's up to you and your wishes. Good luck to you!

As water breaks before labor

 amniotic fluid
With the approach of the expected date of childbirth expectant mother will listen to all the carefully. However, in the closing days of pregnancy mother is regarded as a precursor of any change.
As water breaks before labor in pregnant women?
All in different ways, it's quite an individual process. Navigate the main things you'll want to color and odor: Unlike urine and other secretions amniotic fluid have a little sweet smell and normally should be liquid and transparent. Water may include whitish flakes is primal lubricant that hid the baby calf. But they can also be green or cloudy. In order to check the color and density of the liquid flows out of the vagina, put for a while clean white handkerchief or napkin. Extremely often rupture of membranes occurs at night, when the future mother is sleeping, or else at the location of the abrupt change of the body or muscle tension. That is not painful, so you may experience a feeling of moisture in the crotch. If the bag of waters has broken completely, the water will pour out of you just to the extent of about one and a half liters. Impossible to overlook this, and you will understand exactly what it is they. Perfect, we believe that the retreat of amniotic fluid during labor. But is considered the norm is also a situation where water is moving away, and it takes mechanically pierce membranes.

Winter holiday in Yalta

Winter holiday in Yalta

Coming New Year holidays, during which many of us would like a change of scenery and a journey. Egypt, Turkey, Thailand … Exotic countries involve us in the summer, and in winter the soul requires snow, frost and mulled wine for which we have time to get bored in a year. Want a New Year's fairy tale? Then rather pack your bags and rent a private house in Yalta Most of us are winter Yalta is not romantic. And how do you mean: mountain snow, ice-covered sea and evergreen cypresses. Are you impressed? Today, winter vacation in Yalta is anything but dull. It's no wonder the numbers of all Yalta hotels and mini-hotels and other apartments booked a few weeks before the New Year. By the way, New Year's Eve in Yalta – it is a miracle! Lights, fireworks, smiles … Each participant of the holiday will certainly retain fond memories of time spent.

And yet, not only great opportunity to celebrate the New Year leads travelers in this winter wonderland. First, what he wants most of us, going on vacation – to improve their health. Modern pace of life, severe physical and mental work, household chores – is not the best way affects our health. Decided to heal? Here it can not do without the Yalta air we breathe, and it does not work! The air literally drenched sweet smells of conifers, which are found in the way of tourist at every step. In addition, mixing with the sea breeze, saturated with nitrogen and iodine, the air turns into a real therapeutic cocktail!

What about winter walks? Yalta's promenade – a perfect place for hiking trips. And, winter holidays in Yalta – it is an opportunity to get acquainted with magical sea and mountain views, experience serenity of nature. In addition, this is the only place where you can sample delicious mountain water sources. And if you suddenly need to consult a doctor in Yalta is possible. Diagnostic centers are ready to provide expert assistance at any time.

Always dreamed of being in the sea water? Winter – not a reason to indulge in such a treat! Spas, year-round, ready to provide the opportunity to swim in the swimming pools with sea water, and pass a number of the most beneficial treatments. Steam baths, salt room and massage can give unforgettable emotions.

During the winter holiday in Yalta, guests can visit all sorts of trips, each ready to introduce to local attractions, various legends and stories, as well as wonderful reminders of nature. Before curious tourists a warm welcome Massandra, Alupka and Livadia Palace. Well, fans of extreme rest awaits Ai-Petri. It can have fun not only professional snowboarders and skiers, but also those who are just starting their familiarity with winter sports. You are not attracted to ski? In that case, surely a ride in a sleigh.

After outdoor activities so want to relax and enjoy the silence. In Yalta, maybe it is. Wrapped in a blanket, watching a blazing fire in the fireplace and enjoy the wonderful taste of Massandra wine …


It does not matter for how comfortable you are going to Yalta, and where you are going to stop. Someone looking for an opportunity to be alone with yourself, renting an apartment for these purposes in Yalta, someone very important cheerful company and activities, while others want to once again go through the sights.

The main thing that pleased Yalta each guest, and winter – not a reason to indulge in an exciting vacation!