Poetry in our lives

 with which

Very often, in fact everywhere we encounter poems, as they nowadays have become so necessary and important that even the celebration and certain events can not do without them. What is not written just love people and famous poets, the best poems about water, love, life, feelings, joys and sorrows of different, all you can see in verse poems themselves are able to show feelings in the best way to depict events around us. All works are distinguished by their style, meaning embodied in them by the author, depending on the mood, with which the author wrote them, they can either increase the mood, creating a romantic mood, and dipping into despair and depression. Each poem is fraught with mystery, a part of the heart and internal heat. The best gift for your loved one can be just poems that you read from the heart and show them their emotions. If you are in love and want to show all your feelings dear man, there is nothing better suited as love poems, which are permeated with sincerity and kindness. They are the best words that ordinary proposal will not be transferred. And do not think that the lyrics this old form of communication, and sent messages of their feelings, however poetry can excite and stay deep in the heart of the person to whom they are dedicated. Your significant other, seeing the sincerity with which you are reading poetry, maybe even drop a tear. No one person can stand on the tender and loving words that are pronounced the most expensive man in poetic form. You to understand and even more to love, be sure to take advantage of such works and masterpieces that were current at all times. You can compose poems are not very big on their own. Here then is just your significant other will be shocked to spot your sincerity and love.

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