Smart house for apartment

 cottage office

Today, many people are thinking about the safety of their homes. Alarms and evil dogs only partially solve the problem go away, you often still have not stopped caring for the safety of his apartment and leave the family keys. How to protect the apartment and property from uninvited guests? How not to be a victim of a cracker? How to protect yourself from unscrupulous neighbors above, always pour you?

This is very simple, we need only to install smart house for an apartment.

Smart home control system is an apartment, cottage or office, which integrates all the appliances, communications, and multimedia: home cinema, hi-fi.

Control the system even from long distance, you can easily do this in several ways:

using a cellular or regular phone;

using the Internet;

with remote control;

with scripts;

by the specified time.

Huge plus installation of Smart Home is the ability to save energy by system resources. Today, many people use energy saving light bulbs to pay less for electricity, but this innovation is only partially solves the problem, and do wonderful lamps are expensive compared to conventional bulbs. Significant energy savings can be provided in the process of intellectualization. Smart House, which manages the light in the house, can help you with that!

Smart lighting will make you forget about the switches and the constant need to control them, the light will light exactly where you need and as long as necessary. You do not spend any extra kilowatts!

Similarly, the work and the heating, cooling and ventilation in your home. Will always be warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks provided smart home system monitoring your water supply will run like clockwork!

Enabling and disabling lighting will be a microcontroller that will prevent power surges occur in the network.

Buy or order a smart house can be directly on the internet there are specialized sites that offer a range of services to automate your home, cottage or office, and installing turnkey systems.

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