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Modern design window

 arched windows

In the design of modern interior design experts are paying particular attention to the window opening. By the design of windows include curtains, blinds, shutters and blinds, which help to regulate lit room, hide an ugly view of the windows, to protect an apartment or house from prying eyes.
Window decoration should be in harmony with their shape and size, as well as to the proportions of the room and interior space. Equally important is the appointment of the room. Belarusian small windows will be more attractive if their frames are made in white. They will visually expand the space, to make it more airy. Narrow window blinds better to decorate with horizontal bars to visually change the proportions of the window.
In a small room is not recommended to use the lush curtains and draperies complex that draw attention to the details of the windows and cause visual discomfort. Small windows must have the design that hides their proportions and dimensions. Designers recommend to use a minimum of fabric. The ideal option would be decorative or traditional Roman blinds.
If Italian windows installed in a room with some penetration in the wall, their design should be approached with caution. Recessed windows originally passed into the room less light, so they are often left uncovered curtains. On the windowsill have low indoor plants, collection of miniatures, toys or other objects. The fact that the blinds or curtains to make a room with windows too dark.
If the window is large, it is better to give preference to the unpretentious, unobtrusive draping. Try not to short blinds. On a large plane of the window, they look too blurry, so the gap is losing its significance and clarity of form. If the windows do not fit into the interior of the room, because they are disproportionately wide, it can be fixed with the help of large Roman blinds, curtains, flat, horizontal ruffles or trim on the edge of the colored braid.
The most difficult to drape Swedish arched windows, as they have a peculiar form. They look great in a frame suspended high above the arch and the descending to the floor curtains or blinds. Often cornice for hanging curtains for arched windows are mounted directly on the ceiling.
Fabric for window decorations can be transparent or solid, monochrome or color, with decorative trim or without. It all depends on the size of the premises and of the interior rooms.

Design living interra

Interior design of modern guest rooms as well as designing any other room in the house or apartment, you need not only conform to all the standards of practicality and convenience, but also have a nice appearance. Creating design is a very tedious process for designers who need to precisely implement all the requests of the owner of the building, since it was he aware of the desired functionality of the particular room. At the same time, and the client is obliged to see to know which elements of the interior he would like to make a living, what style of interior room he prefers. It would be good to first read the articles on interior design. Interior design living room, can be obtained through the examples of works decorators made in both traditional and cutting edge in style. All work samples are informative description of site-specific interior.

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