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Promoter – is a fairly new profession at the labor market, due to the development vozniknuvshaya marketing and advertising. Market relations and rivalry arose in Russia some 20 years ago, when energetically set to form a private business. Then it became clear that the production of the new company, with the presence of competition, no one will buy them because they are there simply no one knows. After all, everyone is well known a long time ago that nothing short of advertising – the motor trade. To date, advertising is an integral part of our lives, so work promoter in Novosibirsk is one of the most sought after in the labor market.
The name of this specialty comes from the English word promotion, which literally means the promotion, the promotion – is the promotion of goods and services to market, promote their visibility in the final result – the growth of the firm's profits.
Photovoltaic problem arouse the interest of a number of people passing the proposed product, to introduce products in favorable light, to offer goods to the test, to describe its quality properties. Promoter provides a variety of information and provides advice on the product, from time to time, make and visual presentation. Specialty promoter does not require special education. The main thing for the promoter of the excellent people skills, sociability, ability to persuade, a positive attitude, nice appearance, self-confidence.

Key points of job search


Job search activity that requires some knowledge and preparation, effort and cost. The key to its success will be a proper planning, which, in turn, begins with the definition of the situation and the available resources.
Sometimes the situation is such that you do during your job search requires social assistance. You can get it at the Employment Center in your area, registered as a job seeker. If you are not from Moscow, then you need not concern work in Moscow, do not wait for jobs abroad. But trying to find not just a job, but a very good job, do not always need to grasp at first proposed option.
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