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Smart home works for you.


More and more people today, equipping your apartment or cottage, establish a system of "smart house", which allows you to feel not only safe, but also comfortable.

In fact, the "smart home" – is a system of high-tech device that was invented to control their home.
A person chooses for himself the most comfortable, and all the systems in the house have control over the maintenance of these particular conditions.

Program script laid you will act according to the time of year, day, weather, your mood.

Now you do not need to use the remote control for the TV remote control to adjust the split system, separate control for video or radio. All combined in one versatile unit, where the touch of a button you switch operation of several devices.

Imagine the situation: you drive up to the house at a certain time, the light is lit in front of the garage, the automatic doors at the entrance open, you are met at the threshold of your favorite tune and is heated in a microwave dinner.

You just have to enjoy the process of eating and relaxing.

"Smart House" will put a comfortable temperature in the rooms, in your absence, remove dust and dirt from the floor and carpets, blinds set up so that the aggressive sunlight does not penetrate to the burnable surface. Moreover, all the devices will work in the most economic mode.

Of course, all this fun is not cheap, but you can save by carefully choosing a company, equip your house all this equipment. Typing on the internet "smart home system price" and carefully choose the quantity and quality of the systems that are installed for your home.

Fortunately, they can be selected by setting only the equipment that you need.

Of particular to say about the security system and alert the emergency services, "smart home." In an emergency – the gas leak, fire, flood – "smart home" sends a signal-notification directly to emergency services, and then notify you of the situation. System analysis of the composition and temperature of the air in the apartment, will help to quickly detect the slightest violation and notify you and the service.

Well, one of the most important issues – security of your home. During the installation of all systems, experts are installing motion sensors that react to any ingress, featuring with small animals (if you have a pet) to people.

If illegal entry, information on the violation of the integrity of the perimeter, immediately transferred to the security service, which quickly leaves in your home.

Safety, convenience, comfort – the three main objectives of the work of a "smart home".

Smart house for apartment

 cottage office

Today, many people are thinking about the safety of their homes. Alarms and evil dogs only partially solve the problem go away, you often still have not stopped caring for the safety of his apartment and leave the family keys. How to protect the apartment and property from uninvited guests? How not to be a victim of a cracker? How to protect yourself from unscrupulous neighbors above, always pour you?

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