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Blades with egg sauce (Transcarpathian cuisine)

 sour cream

Blades clear of the face, cut into pieces 3-4 cm long, boiled in salted water until tender and recline in a colander. Hard Boiled eggs are cleaned, separated from the yolk protein. Protein is cut into small pieces and mixed with the blades. In hot butter margarine Passer flour until golden brown, slightly diluted broth from the blades, add sour cream, red pepper, a bit of broth and stir well until smooth. Prepared sauce poured on welded blade, sprinkle with grated egg yolk and a good warm up. Ready blades served hot. Application rate per serving: fresh green beans 165g green beans or canned 130 g, 1 pc egg, margarine 11 g, 44 g sour cream, flour 4 g, 3 g salt, ground red pepper sweet 1 g, 27 g of bone broth .

Pike with sauce (Transcarpathian cuisine)


Pike cut to 2 pieces per serving. Bacon-bacon into cubes and fry, Passer onions in it and sprinkle with crushed red peppers. Then in a pan with onions passerovannym put cut pieces pike, add a little fish stock and assume 10 minutes. Fresh tomatoes and fresh sweet pepper cut into cubes, put in a pan over the fish, stew 5 minutes, season with sour cream mixed with browned flour, salt and bring to readiness. Cooked fish is served with hot sauce. Garnish give small dumplings. Application rate per serving: 250 g pike, bacon-bacon 10 g, 12 g onion, sweet red pepper 5 grams, 12 grams of fresh tomatoes, fresh sweet pepper, 20 g, 12 g sour cream, flour, 2 g, 3 g salt

Chicken Transcarpathian (Transcarpathian cuisine)

Chicken Transcarpathian (Transcarpathian cuisine)

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Pork cut into portions, chops, beats, sprinkled with salt and black pepper. At the center of each cutlet put stuffing, and on one side put a piece of white bread in the solid form of the stone. Meat rolled up, giving form an oblong bun. Cooking meat. In the thick milk sauce with browned in butter, flour, diluted with hot milk, add broth or water and cook for 7-10 minutes on low heat. In the finished sauce add finely diced smoked sausage or ham, bring to a boil, then remove the sauce from the heat, add the hard-boiled egg, cut into small cubes, spices, chopped parsley and cooled. Paneer patties in wheat flour, dipped in egg and beat well again paneer. Fry in hot fat until well formation on the surface of chops golden brown skin, making sure the burger well prosmazhilasya. Finished cutlet served with a combined side dish, pour melted butter and decorate with parsley. Application rate per serving: 173 g pork, salt 2 g, ground black pepper For the stuffing 0.02 g milk 20 g butter 5 g, 10 g flour, sausage or ham pivkonchena 11 grams, broth or water 50 g, egg 1/3 pieces, parsley, 4 grams, 2 grams of salt, flour for breading 3 g egg for Leeson fourth piece, white bread 10 g, fat 15 g butter 10 g for watering, parsley 4 years

Potato-with mushrooms (Transcarpathian cuisine)


Potatoes cook until done, wipe, raw eggs, margarine, salt, and mix well. Developing potato mixture in the form of circles. Slices prepared to put the mushroom stuffing, formed into patties, paneer in flour and fried in a pan in a well-heated oil until tender. Presoaked for stuffing and well washed dried mushrooms cook until tender, cool and finely whipped. Then mixed with chopped mushrooms passerovannym onions and seasoned with pepper. Ready hot potato-served with sour cream. Application rate per serving: 200 g potatoes, eggs 1/4 pieces, 5 g margarine, 15 grams of dried mushrooms, onion 36 grams, 5 grams of margarine, black pepper powder 0.01 g, 5 g of flour, 5 g butter, salt 2 g cream '30