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As water breaks before labor

 amniotic fluid
With the approach of the expected date of childbirth expectant mother will listen to all the carefully. However, in the closing days of pregnancy mother is regarded as a precursor of any change.
As water breaks before labor in pregnant women?
All in different ways, it's quite an individual process. Navigate the main things you'll want to color and odor: Unlike urine and other secretions amniotic fluid have a little sweet smell and normally should be liquid and transparent. Water may include whitish flakes is primal lubricant that hid the baby calf. But they can also be green or cloudy. In order to check the color and density of the liquid flows out of the vagina, put for a while clean white handkerchief or napkin. Extremely often rupture of membranes occurs at night, when the future mother is sleeping, or else at the location of the abrupt change of the body or muscle tension. That is not painful, so you may experience a feeling of moisture in the crotch. If the bag of waters has broken completely, the water will pour out of you just to the extent of about one and a half liters. Impossible to overlook this, and you will understand exactly what it is they. Perfect, we believe that the retreat of amniotic fluid during labor. But is considered the norm is also a situation where water is moving away, and it takes mechanically pierce membranes.

With the use of water

With the use of water

The fact that the water from our taps is better not to drink any raw or even boiled, it is clear to many people. Trouble liquid water that is chlorinated. Killing flora and harmful organics, chlorine itself is the enemy of our body. And it is not chlorine, as compounds that are formed when it is connected to the metal water pipes, organic liquid itself by boiling. Doctors suspect that organochlorine compounds are responsible for about thirty percent of cancers of the intestine and urinary tract. Therefore, it appears that if seventy percent of our body is composed of water, and health at the same depends on the kind of liquid we eat.

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