The restaurant's interior: decorate tables

The restaurant's interior: decorate tables

The restaurant interior – it is incredibly subtle and difficult to implement, because of the addition will look like institution, no less than from his kitchen, depends on its positive image and a positive customer experience. Of course, the main focus in this case are the tables, and by how stylish and aesthetically pleasing, they will be decorated as they conform to design rooms, can rightly judge the level and success of the restaurant. Some interior design styles, for example, an ethnic village or military provided no textile table covers, except as performed in the selected key napkins. But, basically, used tablecloths napkins and other tissue types of decor. About them and we'll talk more today.

In terms of color decoration table something definite to say is difficult. He can either blend in with the rest of the textile design and purity of snow-white to appear to give effect to the solemnity. Standard lap down from the edge of the table top is usually taken at the rate of thirty thirty-five inches, but it can be more, and even get to the floor, what to consider when purchasing wholesale textiles for sewing tablecloths. By the way, tailoring must take into account the shape, not just the size of the table, so that the cloth could fall pretty uniform drapery. Very often, in addition to the bottom of a large cloth used naperon top textile, which is laid over the ground. And it is not only a decorative accent, which it, in most cases, choose a contrasting color or pure white, but also facilitates maintenance of cloth. The shape and size naperona can be arbitrary, as long as all of the tables in the hall and the tablecloths and naperony were identical. Sometimes it is a narrow strip extending from one end of the table, or on a diagonal, and if the main tablecloth hangs to the floor, then it may be an analog of the usual shorter tablecloths covering the whole surface of the table and gently hang over her. Also practice design table sets decorative textiles, contrast or snow white, if the cloth is not white. They are small cloth under the instrument for one person or a small track on double occupancy. They can also be purchased as wholesale tablecloths.

In practice Fourchette popular so-called skirt – tiered veil on countertops or tiered podium on which exposed food and utensils. Their size depends on the size of the supports, and the length should reach almost to the floor. They are often further decorated with flowers, ribbons and other decorative elements. And, of course, the final piece will be on the table napkins, folded ornate contrast with the tablecloth and in tone to naperonu. On napkins to personalize and additional advertising establishments often embroidered logo or name.


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