With the use of water

With the use of water

The fact that the water from our taps is better not to drink any raw or even boiled, it is clear to many people. Trouble liquid water that is chlorinated. Killing flora and harmful organics, chlorine itself is the enemy of our body. And it is not chlorine, as compounds that are formed when it is connected to the metal water pipes, organic liquid itself by boiling. Doctors suspect that organochlorine compounds are responsible for about thirty percent of cancers of the intestine and urinary tract. Therefore, it appears that if seventy percent of our body is composed of water, and health at the same depends on the kind of liquid we eat.

Because the way without water is not yet invented, but rather to the normal functioning of the circulatory system, it is recommended to drink at least two liters of fluid a day, and it is desirable quality. Then the problem H2O cooking decide differently – put home water filters on the valve, filter board, enriching it with silver and silica, mineral reserves do. If you choose the latter option, it seems, believe in the healing and quality of bottled liquids. But not every mineral water can be consumed for a year, seven days a week.

The main index for the mineral, which is sure the producers say on the label – its mineralization, ie the amount of salt per liter. Depending on this mineral water is divided into medical, therapeutic and dining room and a dining room. Once the medical table and medical sold only in pharmacies. Her appointed doctors – to drink, say, within 24 days with a certain temperature and in certain doses. Now, no one pays attention to the mineralization. Today the popularity of mineral water in the people – it is medicinal and table-therapeutic highly mineralized water, where 2.5 or more grams of salt per liter. If you drink them for a long time, run the risk of salt deposits on the bones and joints, and it can lead to degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis and other diseases.

Therefore, taking care of your health, it is best to gradually move to the dining room and the use of mineral water only. There is no alternative – chlorinated liquid for drinking is not recommended. Europeans, for example, drink more than 200 liters of bottled liquids per person per year, of which about 100 liters – still water. This means that the liquid from the tap, they practically do not eat, and when they come to visit our country, first of all run to the store for drinking water. But, in contrast to our countrymen, foreigners will never drink mineral water with a high salt content.

We can also observe a different picture when the supermarket packages purchased water, which is the level of salinity of 6.5 or more grams per liter, which means that it can not take a simple, in any amount and for a long time. Suitable for everyday use is the fluid, where the mineralization that is the salt content of less than 1 gram per liter. It is called the dining room just because you can drink it in large quantities without prescription as simple.

If highly mineralized mineral water can hurt, then maybe drink at all distilled or demineralized? Uh, no. Chemists say that there are not many micronutrients distilled, after a while these necessary connections, it will wash out of our body, and we are, once again, we have a health problem. Certainly, one thing: if you already buy mineral water, it is better from manufacturers, although there is the problem of counterfeit products. The only way to buy a fake – know the true quality of a drink.

The residents of some cities have the choice of more and byuvetnaya species. This is water from deep wells, it is much better to water. But remember that you can not keep more than a day or two. Lifted out of the ground and into contact with air, it quickly starts to oxidize and lose valuable qualities. Still recommended every time to bring a new or thoroughly washed dishes to invisible remnants of the old fluid, which gain, say, two days ago, does not contaminate the new one.

Even if tap water meets the requirements of health, it is better not to drink tap water and mineral table or drinking bottled. If you decide to check the quality of water liquid in its place, you can do it in the nearest sanitary station. For this analysis, you will need to take a so-called average sample. For example, if you are the first morning in the stairwell open faucet, it will pour out stagnant moisture. Therefore it is necessary to wait 15-30 minutes, let drain. Then take a glass bowl, rinse well. Then type liquid from the tap to the very mouth of container to the lid was no oxygen and, therefore, it is not oxidized. And not later than 2-3 hours to get to the water sanitation center for analysis. Let you even say that your water all normal, though, remember that your health depends largely on what kind of liquid you from day to cook your own tea. We show, as always, killing people not beer …


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