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When people speak of wooden houses, usually remember the old days. Because for centuries Russia, mostly built of wood. Houses were durable and of good quality, warm and inviting. Our country has always been rich in forests, and to build a home is not difficult. In our time people like wooden houses, for the fact that they are environmentally friendly, this is what people are lacking in our modern life.
If you decide to build a home from a bar, then you need to consider several factors. Decide what you will be ready to buy a home or want to build their own hands. An interesting fact for you would be that the house of a log house already built for you. You can order a log of Kostroma. You will only need to choose the necessary for you to design and build a foundation for it, and the workers will bring and collect your new home. The price of the house will depend on the size and construction materials that will be used to build a house. Just be sure to pay attention to the quality of wood from which to build your wooden house.
If you are a person who loves originality and are not suitable for you ready projects, then you have to do everything yourself. You yourself will need to develop a project plan, and to get the specialized services.
The most common wooden houses, home from a bar. Home from a bar easier to build. Timber – timber is treated with a rectangular cross section, which makes it even more than the usual log. Assembling the house from a bar in just ten days, with the walls get even.
Rectangular bar of natural moisture, is the cheapest material. If the house is built of such a bar, it is usually draped sheathe siding or brick, from the fact that these boards often vary in size and shape. After the erection of walls often are gaps that require additional warming.
Often when shrinkage cracks log on individual logs. Many people do not put on perfume the prospect.
The second option, profiled bar of natural moisture. Price log cabins available from Kostroma. Built the house of such a bar is much easier. The secret is that the ends of the boards are cut grooves and depressions, because of what joints when laying there. Assembling the house looks like something an assembly designer "Lego". It turns out there is no need to spend extra money to seal the seams as it is. But still, even with this rod joints are unavoidable, because timber is dry and drifted.
We wish you to build your dream home!
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